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Digital Marketing

Email marketing campaigns, PPC advertising, social media content to SEM all are ways to increase your brand and web traffic.  Digital marketing starts with demand generation campaigns such as blog and case study content to lead viewers down the funnel to lead generation campaigns such as CTA landing pages, SEM, FaceBook ads, re-targeting ads, eBooks and webinars.  Let us help your business find the best campaigns to capture more business..

Our Approach to Digital Marketing

Define Goals

We help you define short-term and long-term goals for overall traffic, audience reach, engagement, conversions, and revenue.

Create a Plan

We’ll choose specific channels, whether organic, paid, email campaigns, or social channels. Then we create a compelling content plan to drive audience into each funnel.


We setup the mechanics of your Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and any other Lead Generation campaigns.

Measure & Grow

We track, collect and measure your channel specific data to analyze your KPI performance. We report progress to you regularly and use insights to further enhance our efforts.

Services We Offer

Social Media

No matter whether you’re B2C or B2B, we’re finding social campaigns highly effective at targeting just about any audience. We design social media templates, create content calendars, draft and publish posts in all channels, and monitor campaign analytics and ROI.

Search / SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is by far the most effective at growing your organic reach in search engines. We help you play the long game by optimizing your website for steadily increasing organic rankings in search engine results pages (SERPS).

Paid Ads / SEM

With over 1 billion websites online, users can have a difficult time finding you, especially if you’re new. We help you cut through the noise with targeted, keyword-based ads in Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, and others.

Email Campaigns

Email continues to be the highest ROI form of marketing outreach, with 50% open rates still quite common. We help you setup well-designed email blasts, segmented campaigns, retargeting campaigns, abandoned cart emails, and other drip marketing email campaigns.


We have copywriting expertise and can help you develop high-level messaging or more in-depth content for specific subjects. We also develop Content Calendars for social media, e-newsletters, SEO, We usually recommend a 3-month runway of content to help you get off the launch pad.

Video Production

Our video team creates loud and clear video communications to bring your brand or idea to life. From concept to production, we produce authentic video content to amplify your story, brand and increase user interest.


About 60-70% of shoppers abandon carts and conversion funnels, but research shows 2/3 of those people are willing to purchase if you get them back to your site. We can help you with smart re-targeting strategies, Facebook Pixels, and other techniques to bring them back.

A/B Testing

While we can’t design your website to be perfect, we can and do provide A/B testing to optimize your headlines, body copy, imagry, and other digital assets. Through A/B testing we can steadily increase conversions and ROI.

Free Website Audit

You want your visitors to have the best experience possible on all major devices, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Any problems can kill your traffic and prevent sales. Our UX and visual designers will provide a free audit of your site, with recommendations for improvements and how to level-up your game.

“What sets Sync Interactive apart are three things: 1. Exceptional relational ability typically not found in web agencies, 2.  Follow-through, and 3. Technical expertise. Sync worked with our non profit from start to finish, and went above and beyond in listening to what we wanted. They balanced feedback points from a variety of our leaders, and gave us a website product we love to use.”

—Dust Kunkel, NowLCMS