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Virtual & Augmented Reality

Sync is the first digital agency in Portland Oregon to offer Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality application development.  We create truly immersive experiences for verticals such as retail, engineering, manufacturing, healthcare, education and more. AR & VR can be used for training, product demos, real estate tours, fashion and retail, and more.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that overlays images, objects, pictures, or anything else on top of your real world experience. As the video to your left shows, imagine trying on a piece of clothing, jewelry or accessories without ever leaving your home. Or imagine walking through a grocery store, and all of your diet friendly products (gluten free?) are highlighted with a bright color indicator through your glasses.  Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, recently said that Augmented Reality will be as big as the iPhone… that the whole world will become an enhanced version of our reality.  Sync is pioneering new technologies like the example on your left.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality allows you to be completely immersed in a computer generated world. It may be fantasy, or it may be a highly fidelity representation of the real world.  While there are obvious gaming applications, many businesses are using VR for tremendous benefits. UPS and the trucking industry, for example, agree that “VR is the future of driver training,” by dramatically reducing training time while simultaneously increasing driver safety.  VR is also dramatically transforming many other verticals including retail, education, real estate, military, healthcare and others.  Sync created the VR app on the right that demonstrates how a user can explore a real estate setting.

Ready To Get Started?

Do you have a project idea, or want to explore ways that AR and VR can benefit your business?  Sync builds AR/VR solutions for many different verticals. Contact us today and we’ll help you draft a project scope, timeline and budget.