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Named Oregon’s Trusted Carrier Number #1, Tradewinds Transportation is a family owned business founded in 1960, in Albany, Oregon. They offer a variety of transportation services including curtain vans, warehousing, cross-docking, and brokerage services. Tradewinds’ various marketing personas — drivers, owner/operators, and lease/purchasers — required a website with an intuitive user experience, a clear information architecture, and a strategy for meeting the needs of each distinct user type. 

One site, multiple audience types

Tradewinds Transportation needed more than a simple brochureware website. Their ever-demanding, tech savvy customers want real-time updates on Load Tracking, Freight Quotes, and shipping solutions. Drivers are in short-supply across the US currently, so the site also needed to attract and recruit new drivers, especially on mobile devices, since drivers are usually on the road. The site also needed to sell new customers.  And let’s not forget, Tradewinds needed a place to share corporate news and build culture.

Project Team

Bryan Capitano

Founder & CEO

Nate Sullivan

Senior Designer

Kevin Wiley-Drake

VP of Client Success