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Sync Interactive had the great honor of designing Tillamook Cheese’s first E-commerce shopping cart from the ground up. But not just any E-commerce store. Our DEV team also integrated Tillamook’s cart into their third-party Fulfillment center ERP system, allowing the web store and their fulfillment center to share customer data, orders, inventory, and shipping info across the net.

ERP + Fulfillment + Shipping Integration

In addition to designing the E-commerce store front, Sync also built a web services framework to synchronize web orders with Tillamook’s ERP and Inventory databases, as well as custom shipping logic for delivering perishable, refrigerated product to select zip codes, while accounting for non-delivery days.

Project Team

Bryan Capitano

Founder & CEO

Theresa Kosztics

Project Manager

Natalia Surnina

Project Manager