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You probably know that Oregon has some of the richest wine-growing regions in the world, most famous for it’s Pinot Noir. In recent decades, Oregon wines have taken a world stage and even rivaled the French for a better quality Pinot Noir. To support the burgeoning industry, we helped the Oregon Wine Board build a new website, as well as a number of interactive tools to connect wine consumers with growers, as well as provide a platform for industry partners to communicate, share news, and help raise the bar for Oregon as a whole.


Oregon Wine Website + Interactive Wine Finder

In addition to the website, we developed a number of interactive apps. For consumers, we developed an Interactive wine finder – type in any wine characteristic, and visitors can locate regional wine recommendations. And for wine growers, we developed the Grape Matching Service — an eBay-like system for buying and selling grapes between growers and wineries.

Project Team

Bryan Capitano

Founder & CEO

Elise Burke

VP of Marketing and Communications

Theresa Kosztics

Project Manager