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Celebrating the 2017 Solar Eclipse in Oregon, Sync built this whimsical, colorful website with a kid-friendly focus. Orbit Oregon was developed with the big goal of teaching kids all about the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse. In addition to providing educational material, books, learning materials, and memorabilia were made available for sale using the WordPress e-Commerce plugin, Woo-Commerce.

Easy management with WordPress

Our team developed a custom WordPress theme for the project. In typical projects like this, we’ll choose a default theme as a starting point, and since many themes are open source, we modified the theme to our needs based on the approved designs. WordPress provides fantastic editing controls, allowing our client to easily edit the website content, images, and products for sale, without having to know anything about HTML or website technology.

Project Team

Rachel Tourville

Graphic Design

Kevin Wiley-Drake

VP of Client Success

Bryan Capitano

Founder & CEO