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A multi-generational family practice, Graffeo was transitioning leadership from father-to-son, and with it the realization that a newer, modern marketing approach could better engage their audience. Sync Interactive met the demand will a full-scale digital marketing effort which included a branding workshop, brand re-design, website redesign, social media marketing, video production, and the whole 9-yards.

Multi-language capable

One primary element of Graffeo’s brand is their multi-cultural, open-arms approach. A large percentage of their patients are not native English speakers. And their staff speaks a mesmerizing array of languages: Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Hmong and Mien. To be sure their website appealed to all audiences, we built multi-language features in from the start. The content management system allows Graffeo fine-grain control over each language translation.

Complete Rebrand

Graffeo was struggling with an outdated brand that painted a picture of pain and suffering. We performed a complete brand workshop, identified their primary user personas, and developed messaging and copywriting that did a much better job connecting with their audience.

Total control with WordPress CMS

Our team developed a custom WordPress theme for the project. WordPress provides fantastic content editing controls, allowing our client to easily change the text, images, blog posts, videos and more, without having to know anything about HTML or website technology.

Helping Graffeo Get Social

As part of our digital marketing efforts for Graffeo, we rolled out a social media campaign that included designing templates for each social channel, developing a content calendar on their behalf, drafting and writing all the social media posts, and then scheduling, monitoring and measuring analytics and ROI of their campaigns.

Video Production

Last, but certainly not least, we wanted to position Graffeo as a thought-leader in the Chiropractic industry. Video is a massively trending media form in recent years, with 5x more viewership compared to text, photo or link posts, and impressive 80% more conversion rates when video is placed on landing pages or embedded into email campaigns..

“Ask The Doctor” Video Series

We developed and produced a 6-part video series, which explored everything from the basics of chiropractic adjustments, to headaches, backaches, brain injuries, and how Chiropractors can help get patients off opioids.  The video shoot was a 2-day event, spent on-location at the Graffeo clinic shooting video of real patient experiences, office culture, and interviews with Dr. Graffeo.

Project Team

Bryan Capitano

Founder & CEO

Theresa Kosztics

Project Manager

Kevin Wiley-Drake

VP of Client Success

Home  »  Work  »  Graffeo Chiropractic Clinic