Every CMO, Marketing VP, and Director regardless of industry sector are now more than ever required to be masters of the digital landscape when it comes to all things marketing. 

Digital Advertising is here to stay and moves the needle, period
Advertising used to be just about print ads, radio ads and billboards. Remember those?  Now there are so many digital options it is hard to know where to start, what to choose and how often to update your digital assets!  Tasked with increasing web traffic and calls to action for demos and sales leads, there are a number of options to consider this year.  Where to start?

Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising is gaining a lot of traction.  It is an easy and fast way to attract and capture impressions, new eyeballs to your website and warm sales leads.  9/10 businesses are active on social media according to HubSpot with an increase in users by 25% each year! According to recent statistics, there are over 2 Billion monthly active Facebook users, 1.37 billion login to facebook every day, and over 50% of those are mobile users. What this means for you? In case you had any lingering doubts, Facebook is statistically just too big to ignore.

According to Sprout Social, users in the United States spend on average about 30 minutes/day on FaceBook.  That would indicate there is a lot of time to capture your audience. When you set up your ads, we recommend that you track what days and times you are receiving the most traffic.  After the campaign is over try another one with these specified days and times with the highest amount of traffic only. For example, maybe weekends or evenings are best for your user group.  By continuing to monitor when people are engaging with your ads, your ad dollars will go farther. You want to be reviewing your metrics on a weekly basis.

Manage your Spend
You may also want to consider running the same ad campaigns simultaneously on LinkedIn and YouTube  in order to see what social media channels works best for your business.  After the campaigns are over, choose the channel that gives you the most bang for your buck and drop the others for a few months.  It is better to fine tune and use fewer advertising channels that bring in a higher rate of ROI for your persona profiles when you have a limited amount of time and funds at your disposal.

Ad Fatigue
Ad Fatigue can happen over a few months so be sure to change out the ad image, video and CTA every month or two.  Content could be a new case study, a special limited time discount on products, a super 1 day only sale, a raffle to enter for prizes, free product or services, or a quick educational video on what your product accomplishes.  A call to action for a demo or asking your viewers to submit photos using your products in action allows you to build community relations. Your customers will love it when they see their images and businesses promoted in your next newsletter or email campaign. Promotions can result in increasing the number of followers you have as you will be engaging directly with those raffle entry users.

This is a great way to increase your number of followers and likes if you share your news on ALL of your social media channels and marketing content.  This holistic approach helps build brand awareness too!

Landing Pages
Its paramount not to forget to create a customized landing page to track MQL’s (marketing qualified leads.)  If brand awareness and web traffic is your goal, sending them to your home page so they can explore your entire site is the most effective route. If attracting new prospects to convert quickly or sign up for a demo or download an eBook is your goal – make sure you build out a specific landing page for that campaign.  You have to track your data in order to learn what is working and not working!

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