The question of when to do a brand refresh is not easy! Your brand can generate communities of customers for life when it resonates with your user base. Many companies benefit greatly by considering a brand refresh every few years, as it offers a time to re-connect with and revitalize customer relationships. 

Everyone wants their brand to be remembered. What brands do you think of when you want to go get your favorite soda?  Favorite pair of running shoes? How about anti-virus software? (Of course you probably answered Coke, Nike, and McAfee.) And what do you want customers to feel when they view your brand? Volvo, for example, excels at branding themselves at the forefront of passenger safety. 

Everyone wants their brand to be remembered. What brands do you think of when you want your favorite soda, running shoes, or anti-virus software? Click To Tweet

A brand refresh can help your business determine if the brand itself is affecting web traffic and sales leads. Additionally, a brand overhaul can help a digital marketer track other areas of importance such as thought leadership speaker offers, media interviews or blog swaps.

The 3 second Rule!
According to Entrepreneur magazine, you only have 3 seconds to form your first impression when a newcomer visits your website!

An effective digital agency will review your company’s name, color, font style, mission statement, persona messaging (pain points and value adds) and compare all of these against your competitors. They will also provide guidance on whether your brand is better suited to promote more of an image of what the brand conveys emotionally to a customer such as a lifestyle brand over the product.  Nike is an excellent example of selling a lifestyle brand as they convey what it would feel like to wear their shoes and clothing. They also fine tune their messaging to convey their image with messaging such as “inspiration” and “innovation” to engage the customer to feel a certain way when wearing their apparel.  

Volvo is constantly refining their brand image to ensure their changes of ownership and new model releases do not affect sales negatively. Volvo is known as a luxury car but  more importantly wants to be known as “the safest car on the road.” They even have a new brand pledge to eliminate any car deaths occurring in their vehicles by 2020 based on their safety technology.

Questions to ask during the discovery process:

  1. How long has your logo been around?  Does it seem out of date?
  2. Has your company culture or mission statement changed and needs to be reflected in the logo image and color?  
  3. What do you want viewers to think of your company when they view your logo?  When doing a brand workshop with the agency, it is important to discuss customer engagement and feedback during the intake process.  
  4. What do you want customers to think of or feel, when they are engaging with your brand?
  5. Would they refer your brand to others to try out and why?

Customers can help with answering questions such as does the company logo or mission statement attract them to your product or service?  Did it make for an on-going repeat loyal customer? Did the brand imagery make the customer feel part of a community? How much did the brand and mission statement affect their buying decision?  What would they change about the brand to increase customer loyalty and new customer interest?

Questions can be done over the phone or via a CMS platform such as MailChimp, Marketo, Pardot or HubSpot.  Some also use tools such as SurveyMonkey. A digital marketing agency can help you determine the best ways to your gather information and help make recommendations as to what to do once you have all of that data! Surveys are an easy way to get quick responses to branding questions to new product feature rollouts.  Your customer will most likely have constructive feedback that will be helpful not only to your marketing and sales team but also your engineering or manufacturing department to build out their year’s goals.

Send us your logo and image statement for your free evaluation of how well your brand stands out! 

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